Swimsuit CoverMe's are a great option for you!!

We recommend sewing the Swimsuit CM inside onto the lining or binding, along the outside edge of the swimsuit. There are instructions on the website, and a video to show how to sew them on! Hurray for modest swimsuits!!


Sneak peek at New Colors!

The close up view of the Avocado Lime shows the type of neck edge that will be used with these CM's. There is also Coral, Bright pink and Aqua!


Much better

Isn't modesty nice? so much nicer to see a girl in this swimsuit, than minus the CM!!

Swimsuit CoverMe's are really great!

I HOPE the swimsuit CoverMe's will be on the website right away, they should be. Here's another glimpse.


Why Modesty?

I read this quote and agree with it completely! “I am positive that the clothes we wear can be a tremendous factor in the gradual breakdown of our love of virtue, our steadfastness in chastity” Spencer W. Kimball It is important that women not dress in a way that makes them a distraction to men. If women's dress is enticing, men will be tempted in some way. I don't think very many girls and women understand that they can be beautiful to men without being overtly sexy. When I see a women with cleavage showing, I always think, of course, she would look so much nicer with a CoverMe on!

Good Things Utah mentioned us ...

On Memorial Day. It really was a fun thing, they did a nice job! Today I am so excited about the Swimsuit CoverMe's that are coming to the website soon! They are made of swimsuit fabric. Here's a sneak peak!


New CoverMe colors!!!!

We will be offering some new colors at CoverMeModest! Our customers have been asking for this and we are now ready to expand the options! Navy blue, Bright pink, Aqua blue, Lime green, and Coral are some of the colors we will have. Customers have said they would like some bright colors for a punch of color to their outfits. What other colors would you like?


Swimsuit CoverMe's coming soon!

Yes, Swimsuit CoverMe's are coming soon!!! They will have the hook (rough) side of the Velcro on the front of the CoverMe, and there will be an adhesive strip (industrial strength adhesive)of the loop (soft) side of the Velcro that will come with your order to attach to your swimsuit. With the adhesive Velcro attached to your swimsuit, your suit will be hand wash only and line dry. We will include several extra strips of the adhesive Velcro in case you wear your swimsuit alot and the Velcro begins to come away. We are sooo excited about this because it will open up the fashion choices for swimsuits for us modest gals!! Yeah!!!


Sweet Shoppe Jewelry

We will continue to partner with Sweet Shoppe Jewelry on our website CoverMeModest.com. Take a look at Beckie's cute creations.So talented! There are new things coming!


Why CoverMe's???

Our CoverMe's were created for those women who want to dress fashionably and modestly as well. The fashions available in popular stores are often low in the neckline. Yet they are soo cute. Women have used tank tops or other things under their clothing. The CoverMe is an alternative. It covers in the areas needed without adding bulkiness to your outfit. Try them, you'll use them all of the time!

Extra Long Length CoverMe is a great option!!!

For women with a larger bra cup size the X-long length is available in the straight neck CoverMe. 
A regular length straight neck CM measures 11" long.  An X-long measures 13" long.  You should have at least 2" at the bottom of the CM to tuck under the bottom edge of the bra.  Measure from your average neck edge, over the bra cup, to the bottom of the bra to see how long you need.

Change in CoverMe sizing

Regardless of Dress size,we have found that most women measure about 7"-9" between the bra straps at the collarbone level.  This is how CoverMe sizing is determined.  The bone structure determines this.  Some are a little wider in this measurement, but it is not as common. 
Our new sizing:  Regular width and Wide width
Regular width is for 7"-9" between the bra straps at the collarbone level. 
Wide width is for 10"-12" 
For a 9.5" measurement we recommend the Regular width size.  It is better to have it smaller than too big.